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Pedestrian Struck And Killed In Chinatown

November 17, 2018

Last week, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Chinatown near Powell and Vallejo streets. Unfortunately, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. San Francisco police say that the pedestrian was in a crosswalk when the accident happened. At Allegiance Law, this is something we see all too often. Why are so many […]


Beloved Teacher Killed In DUI Crash

November 16, 2018

We want to bring you a story from right across the Golden Gate Bridge because it highlights something we see all too often – a drunk driver ruining lives. Last week, a Marin County school teacher, Debra DiBenedetto, was killed by an alleged drunk driver while she was riding her bike. The entire community around […]


Bicyclist Sues Caltrans and San Mateo County After Crash

November 10, 2018

Old La Honda Road in Woodside is not the best road when it comes to safety. As described in this article, “It’s narrow, it’s steep, it’s one curve after another, and as the primary route to and from home for at least 75 households, it is not a road less traveled.” One man is suing […]


Male Cyclists More Likely To Be Killed

November 9, 2018

According to the California Highway Patrol, male bicyclists are much more likely to be killed than female cyclists. In a study of the years 2003 to 2015, there were 1,753 cycling fatalities in California. Out of those, 1,557 were males. Why does this happen? Most point out that this is because there are more male […]


Are San Francisco Streets Safer?

November 3, 2018

The good news is that San Francisco recorded the lowest number of traffic fatalities in the city’s history in 2017. The city has worked hard to improve street-level safety measures. Overall, there were only 20 traffic-related deaths that occurred on city streets, marking the lowest number since 2010. It was also 10 fewer deaths than […]


Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents Can Lead to Legal Liability

November 2, 2018

Many people assume that a motorcyclist must have collided with another vehicle to have a legal claim. Although most motorcycle accidents involve another car, someone else can also be to blame when the motorcycle loses control of their vehicle on their own as well. These crashes are commonly referred to as “no contact” accidents. Motorcyclist […]


Staying Safe this Halloween: 3 Tips for Trick or Treaters

October 27, 2018

Halloween is just a few days away, and children and adults alike are putting the final touches on their costumes. Trick or treating in the Bay Area varies by neighborhood, but you check out some of the best areas to take your children by visiting Red Tricycle. However, staying safe this Halloween should be even […]


San Francisco Bikers Have Reason To Celebrate

October 26, 2018

It is well known that Valencia Street is a high-injury corridor for the city, especially for bicyclists. The city itself has seen plenty of bike accidents this year and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been trying to do something about it. There have been meetings, letters, calls, and protests, all in an effort to […]


Pedestrians Beware, Scooters Are Returning To San Francisco

October 20, 2018

After the city imposed a ban in April on several electronic scooter companies, like Bird and Lime, there were thousands of complaints – people wanted them gone for good. But just as many people loved using them. Unfortunately, these scooters posed more than one problem, as has been evidenced by their ability to cause harm […]


San Francisco Streets Becoming Deadly For Bicyclists

October 19, 2018

This is a wonderful city to get out and ride a bicycle in. Sure, there are some hills, but what better way to stay in shape while enjoying the fresh air? We know that the last thing you want to think about when you ride is getting injured, but the reality is that you have […]