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Thankfully we live in a country that believes in the freedom of behaviors as long as they are not a detriment to the greater public. We also live in a country full of contracts that act as silent agreements between people. For example, when you enter a shop full of glass and fragile items, you are not to jump around and push things over without any consequence. You will more than likely have to pay for what you break. The same goes for owners of the property. If you don’t want your visitors to break the silent contract then you better not break it either. Property owners are expected to create spaces clean and free of clutter. Property owners should keep walking spaces clear, create spaces without fear of things falling, and create boundaries for special areas like pools or hot tubs. These responsibilities fall onto the property owner. If you are a visitor who gets injured then you may have a case to file a suit for premise liability.

Common Premise Liability Situations

Our Attorneys at Allegiance Law specialize in personal injury law. More specifically, this means that we are in the business of protecting our clients aggressively to ensure that they get justly compensated for their injuries. We serve our clients who claim premise liability with no difference.

Common premise liability situations are slip and fall, pool accidents, animal or dog bites, dangerous areas, or negligent security. For example, if the premise you are staying in has a pool then those who own the property have a higher standard for keeping the pool area secured from children as well as those who are swimming. Again, the silent contract is based on two people: the visitor using the space and the property owner. If you are not using the space correctly then the owner cannot be responsible for the injuries caused by your misbehavior. However, that does change some when a child is involved.

If you experience something like a slip and fall then you need to document your injuries. By doing this you can show how the injury was the result of the fall and connects the property to your injury. Also, sometimes injuries to back and brain can take a few days to show. Therefore, by keeping track of symptoms and injuries can ensure that nothing else affected your injury. The property is responsible for keeping the area neat and clean. Our job is to prove that the property owner showed negligence in the maintenance of their property and connect the negligence to your injury.

What To Do

If while reading this you are feeling more assured that you have a case then you need to reach to out our Attorneys at Allegiance Law. We know how to assess a case and guide you through the next steps with confidence and wisdom. We treat each client individually and we always listen with an empathetic ear. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to start a conversation with our Attorneys at Allegiance Law today.