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There are many ways that an injury-causing accident can occur. You may become injured in an automobile accident, while riding a bicycle, a motorcycle accident, injured as a pedestrian, or injured on the job. You should never to try and rush into a settlement for a personal injury you suffered from any party until you have taken several steps to protect yourself. You are in no position to assess your injuries immediately after an accident occurred. Never agree to a settlement until you speak to a medical doctor and a lawyer. Shortly following an accident, you may receive a phone call from the other party’s insurance company. Avoid these discussions at all costs. There is generally nothing you can say to an insurance adjuster that will help your case but plenty you can say that will damage your claim. Most importantly, under absolutely no circumstances give any party access to your medical records. Your medical records may prevent a recovery in the future. Do not rush into any judgment about your claim. Instead contact the San Francisco personal injury attorneys at Allegiance Law and schedule a free consultation. In your consultation, we will address with you what goes into pursuing a claim, including explaining the process of bringing a personal injury lawsuit. We are available to meet with you during business hours, evenings and weekends. Our offices are located in San Francisco, but we will be happy to drive and meet you. There is no fee for this consultation.

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