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Can You File A Law Suit For Sports Injury?

December 15, 2018

In short, yes. Personal injury law focuses on injuries that occur due to some kind of negligence of a person or party. This kind of law is like an umbrella term in which attorneys can specialize in specific categories. At Allegiance Law our Attorneys have several specific interests including car accidents, bus accidents, fatal car […]


Continuing Pedestrian Accidents In A Walk-able City

December 14, 2018

San Francisco is a beautiful city that boats some pretty impressive walker scores. Walker Scores is way to evaluate how friendly a city is to walkers. They use metrics like proximities of grocery stores, restaurants and bars, errands, parks, schools, public transportation, and culture and entertainment. The Walk Score helps people who are moving into […]


Stephen Curry In Multiple Vehicle Collision

December 8, 2018

He may play ball across the Bay, but he is a fan favorite here, too. The other day, Stephen Curry was involved in a vehicle accident. It was not his fault and this accident serves to highlight the unpredictability of driving on roadways in and around the city. The accident happened after a Lexus spun […]


The City Comes Together Over Pedestrian Crashes

December 7, 2018

Last week, an event was organized by Walk SF and the San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets. It was put together to observe World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. There were sobering statistics brought up in the beginning. More than 40,000 people die each year and over 4.5 million injured in […]


UC Berkeley Student Killed In Motorcycle Crash

November 30, 2018

A UC Berkeley undergraduate student was killed last week when her motorcycle collided with the back of a vehicle in San Francisco. Jessica Christie, an English major, was riding east on Broadway when she crashed at the intersection of Broadway and Stockton Street early in the morning. According to the SF Police Department, she was […]


Nine People Hurt In Big Rig Crash

November 29, 2018

We are bringing you a story from nearby Santa Cruz today because it highlights some of the safety concerns we frequently discuss concerning large trucks. Last week, a crash involving a tractor-trailer and 20 vehicles sent nine people to the hospital. The crash caused the big rig to burst into flames. Highway patrol investigators say, […]


Truck Accident Kills 86-Year-Old

November 24, 2018

Ying Kuang was almost home the other day when she was hit by an eighteen-wheeler at the intersection of Powel and Vallejo streets in the North Beach neighborhood. Kuang was 86-years-old and she lived with her daughter and grandson. Her day, according to the story, started normally. She had gone to the park with her […]


Daly City Man Crashes Into A Home

November 23, 2018

Though this incident happened a few months ago, it highlights a problem that puts so many people in this state at risk of injury – drunk drivers. In August, a Daly City man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into a Pacifica residence. The driver said he was […]


Pedestrian Struck And Killed In Chinatown

November 17, 2018

Last week, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Chinatown near Powell and Vallejo streets. Unfortunately, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. San Francisco police say that the pedestrian was in a crosswalk when the accident happened. At Allegiance Law, this is something we see all too often. Why are so many […]


Beloved Teacher Killed In DUI Crash

November 16, 2018

We want to bring you a story from right across the Golden Gate Bridge because it highlights something we see all too often – a drunk driver ruining lives. Last week, a Marin County school teacher, Debra DiBenedetto, was killed by an alleged drunk driver while she was riding her bike. The entire community around […]