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$25 Million Faulty Brake Case Upheld

May 25, 2019

We have the right to safe products. Whether we are purchasing a toy for our child or a vehicle for our everyday commute, we should never have to wonder whether or not it is safe. When the negligence of a company or manufacturer causes harm, they need to be held accountable. Today, we are going […]


Recall Issued for Nectarines Sold At Costco: Listeria Found in Samples

February 8, 2019

California shoppers who purchased fresh nectarines at area Costco stores in California and 17 other states need to be aware of a recall that may affect their products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that Jac. Vandenberg Inc., issued the recall on thousands of pounds of fresh fruit, citing the presence of listeria monocytogenes […]


Kaiser Study Says Tainted Medicine Reaching Homes and Hospitals

January 12, 2019

Medicine is supposed to make patients better, but what happens when the medicine itself is making a patient sick? Kaiser Health News reviewed thousands of Food and Drug Administration documents in a recent study, including inspection records, warning letters, recalls and filed lawsuits, in an effort to find out how defective and dangerous drugs or […]


Faulty Beams Close Transit Center

October 12, 2018

If you live anywhere in or around the Bay Area, you know about the $2.2 billion transit hub that just opened in San Francisco. It has been a source of wonder and amazement since well before it was completed. With a couple billion-dollar price tag, you would think that there would be nothing wrong with […]


Can I Sue Starbucks For Causing Cancer? A New California Law Says You Might

September 29, 2018

Acrylamide, a cancer-causing chemical produced during the coffee-roasting process, was found in Starbucks coffee. And, in theory, a new law in California makes it possible to sue the largest coffee maker in the U.S. for causing cancer. Starbucks has nearly 14,000 stores in the United States alone and sells a wide variety of coffee to […]


4 Theories of Product Liability

July 28, 2018

When a product has a defect and has caused your children’s injury, it is a serious matter. We always tend to hear about children’s product recalls. It can happen with any product and to anyone. You have a right to file a lawsuit. Companies sometimes act negligently when creating their products in order to cut […]


Comparative Fault In Defective Product Liability Cases In California (How Your Compensation Could Be Reduced)

July 6, 2018

Did you know that you can recover damages in a product liability lawsuit even if your negligence contributed to your injuries or you were partially to blame for your injuries? This is because California enacted the “comparative fault” legal doctrine for personal injury cases, including product liability. The comparative fault doctrine in California is also […]