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Staying Safe This Halloween: 3 Tips For Trick Or Treaters

October 27, 2018

Halloween is just a few days away, and children and adults alike are putting the final touches on their costumes. Trick or treating in the Bay Area varies by neighborhood, but you check out some of the best areas to take your children by visiting Red Tricycle. However, staying safe this Halloween should be even […]


Personal Injury: Sticks And Stones Really Do Break Your Bones

September 28, 2018

Personal injury cases happen after some kind of accident which is not your fault, or at least, the majority is not your fault. Personal Injury cases can be considered after the following kind of accidents: Bus accident Fatal Car Accident Defective Products Sports Injury Truck Accident Auto Accident Bicycle Accident Drunk Driving Accident Motorcycle Accident […]


17 Most Dangerous Intersections In San Francisco (Where You Have To Exercise Extra Caution!)

August 4, 2018

San Francisco and Los Angeles are constantly competing for the “most dangerous city in California in terms of car accidents” title. And while Los Angeles ranks No. 1 almost every year, San Francisco is usually behind by a very small margin. In fact, in 2009, San Francisco ranked first in California in the number of […]


Pedestrian Accidents Can Be Detrimental

July 14, 2018

In 2014, a San Francisco jogger died after being hit by a Golden State Transit bus. It struck her while she was in a crosswalk. The jogger had a green light and a “walk” sign. She had the right-of-way. Ultimately, there was a $4 million against the Golden State Transportation District for wrongful death. The […]