Wrong Way DUI Accidents
Getting into vehicle accident because of a drunk driver is maddening. If you involved in that type of case, contact our Daly City Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys. They are ready to fight for you in court.
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Wrong Way DUI Accidents

April 19, 2019

Have you ever driven in a new city with a lot of one-way streets? Chances are you probably drove down the wrong way and either got a lot of honks or some ugly looks. During the day and while consciously driving, wrong way driving can cause some havoc, but can usually be corrected. If you […]


Daly City Man Crashes Into A Home

November 23, 2018

Though this incident happened a few months ago, it highlights a problem that puts so many people in this state at risk of injury – drunk drivers. In August, a Daly City man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into a Pacifica residence. The driver said he was […]