Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be one of the most serious personal injury matters that occur. A pedestrian has little to no protection to soften a blow when he or she is struck by a motor vehicle. Even if no serious injury occurs the pain associated with such an injury can be unbearable. That is why if you are injured as the result of being struck by a motor vehicle while you were a pedestrian, you should speak to one of the pedestrian accident attorneys at Allegiance Law.

There are certain things that you can do to help prevent a pedestrian motor vehicle accident from occurring. As a pedestrian, you should always cross at intersections and stay on the sidewalk; always be aware of your surroundings; make eye contact with a driver before crossing the street; be aware of your surroundings and be as visible as possible by wearing bright, reflective clothing.

However, no matter how many precautions you take, a driver may still be negligent in his or her driving. At Allegiance Law, we have handled many pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents. We are experienced and understand the nuances of the law as it relates to this personal injury field.

If you have been injured while you were a pedestrian, please contact one of the pedestrian accident attorneys at Allegiance Law. In your consultation we will address with you what goes into pursuing a pedestrian accident claim, including explaining the process of bringing a lawsuit.

We are available to meet with you during business hours, evenings and weekends. Our offices are located in San Francisco, but we will be happy to drive and meet you. There is no fee for this consultation.

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