Workers Comp

Many workers are uninformed when it comes to understanding their rights under Workers Compensation Law. An experienced workers compensation attorney can make navigating this process much smoother and less frustrating.

We have the knowledge, experience and determination needed to successfully represent our clients in all types of work related injury claims, including occupational disease claims, cumulative injury claims, total disability claims and work related death claims.

Nobody ever plans on getting hurt or injured, especially in the workplace, but these types of claims are much more common and devastating than most people realize. It is essential for any worker in California who sustains a job injury to obtain the assistance of competent and caring legal counsel, and to do so before it is too late.

At Allegiance Law, we remain committed to protecting the rights of all injured workers and will do everything in our power, as attorneys, to obtain all workers compensation benefits to which our clients are entitled.


Workers Compensation Benefits:

Medical Treatment: Injured workers are entitled to medical treatment provided by their employer, but they do not have to use the doctors recommended by their employers. We understand the difficulties associated with complex and cumulative injuries and will help you obtain all the benefits and treatment that you deserve.

Temporary Disability: Injured workers are entitled to replacement of lost wages if they miss time from work due to injuries suffered on the job. The amount generally received is two-thirds of your weekly gross salary. This benefit can be denied or delayed based on the facts obtained by the employer. We can help you obtain these benefits or guide you through other routes to replace lost wages.

Permanent disability: Injured workers generally return to their regular job once they have completed their medical treatment. Many times, the injured worker does not completely recover from their injuries. In order to be properly compensated, we will review all the medical records and other factors to obtain the maximum Permanent Disability compensation.

Educational and Vocational Retraining: If an injured worker is permanently injured and cannot return to their regular job, and their employer cannot provide modified or alternate work, they may be entitled to an educational voucher ranging from $4,000-$10,000 to pay for the cost of retraining. We can help maximize the amount of the voucher.

132(a) Discrimination Claims: If an injured worker is discriminated against by their employer as a result of their work related injury, they may be entitled to additional benefits. We can help develop the facts necessary to obtain these additional benefits.

Serious and Willful Claims: If an injured worker is injured by reason of serious and willful misconduct of their employer, they are entitled to an increase in workers compensation benefits. We have the experience to determine whether this applicable to your case.

Personal Injury and Workers Compensation: In many cases, an injured worker’s injury may be caused by a third party such as a driver on the road or a manufacturer who defectively made equipment being used. We have the experience necessary to seek recovery from these liable third parties in a personal injury case and potentially obtain additional compensation.

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