Bicycle Accidents

At Allegiance Law we pride ourselves in assisting those who have chosen to ride a bike, walk or take public transportation. We are experienced and aggressive in handling the claims of bicyclists and hope we may advise you regarding your bike accident.

Bicyclists enjoy as many benefits from the law as motor vehicles, and provide a healthy alternative to traveling by automobile. However, by making the choice to ride bicycle in lieu of an automobile, you open yourself up to a greater risk of injury, as many motor vehicle drivers fail to take your position on the road into account.

There are a multitude of ways an individual can be injured through another individual’s negligence while riding a bicycle. The bicycle accident attorneys at Allegiance Law have a handled many bicycle accident cases. It is very important that the attorney you choose understands how California law relates to bicycle accidents. Here, at Allegiance Law our bicycle accident attorneys are well versed on not only California state law but also local ordinances that effect bicyclists.

If you have been injured on your bicycle, please contact one of the bicycle accident attorneys at Allegiance Law. In your consultation we will address with you what goes into pursuing a bicycle accident claim, including explaining the process of bringing a lawsuit.

We are available to meet with you during business hours, evenings and weekends. Our offices are located in San Francisco, but we will be happy to drive and meet you. There is no fee for this consultation.

Please contact our bicycle accident attorneys at (415) 404-6395, or submit an inquiry via our web form.

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